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Poacher's Trap

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This one is taken from the project Gutemberg E-book "Camp life in the woods and the tricks of trapping and trap making" by William Hamilton Gibson

It's a simple trap you can make at home with almost no tools and set out in the field using a sapling as spring.
However it's easy to make the trigger mechanism in the wild whittling the pieces of the trap with a knife.

Here are the materials from up to down:
1.-stake with a notch for the trigger stick and a plain surface with a hole where the bait stick joint with an axis
2.-bait stick with a hole fot the axis and a notch for the trigger stick.
Axis was too thin and got broken when trap was disassembled. Anyway it worked ok.
3.-survival knife
4.- trigger stick and some cordage (not shown in this pic)

This is the setup of the trap, instead of using a sapling as spring , I've used an above branch of a tree to provide the spring force required to pull the snare free

Another front-side view of the trap setup

Snare is tied to a knot on the tension cord which is tied to the trigger stick

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