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Haymaker's Hitch

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So called as it was used to tie down the hay on the back of the waggon. But can be used to make a very tight line between two trees for your basha.
It is so tight as it works in the same way as a block and tackle

1. Tie of one end to the first tree. Then tie a Sheepshank in the rope.
// Click for larger version

2. Pop in stick in the furthist loop from the tree you are going to tie it too.

// Click for larger version

3. put the end of the line around the tree, post ect then back and through the free loop

// Click for larger version

4. Now pull the line and you will see the line become very tight.

// Click for larger version

5. To finish go back round the tree and finish off with a Clove Hitch

// Click for larger version

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